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Come, Let Us Reason Together:

Faith Communities Confronting California's Criminal In-Justice System

Feauturing New Jim Crow author/activist Michelle Alexander on Thursday, May 10 at the New Philadelphia AME Church for a Teach-In on Criminal In-Justice.

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Common sense guidelines for building community and advancing social progress

1. Propel Yourself Through Partnership
To be an effective organizer it helps to be part of a team. Just two or three people who check in with one another and make plans together form a far stronger organizing "unit" than a single individual. Plus it's more fun.

2. Become a Landscape Gardener
It helps a lot to know what an ideal level of organization might look like your context. Who needs to be involved, and at what levels of engagement, in order for your move


The story of California's governance problems centers on Prop 13, but does not begin or end there. Some unworkable elements of our state government date to the 19th century. Our initiative process – which is at once the most powerful and inflexible in the world – was adopted in 1911. The two-thirds requirement for budget bills dates to the early 1930s.

That said, the passage of Prop 13, with 65 percent of the vote in a June 1978 election, was crucial, though not primary for lowering property taxes. Central to understanding Prop 13 is to understand this: the initiative was the Great Centralizer.

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